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About Us

Florida has one of the most complex growth management frameworks in the United States. Florida's growth management law requires review by the State on local comprehensive plans, with participation and input by a myriad of other state agencies. The requirement for state and regional review also holds true for large developments that may have regional impacts. In spite of state oversight, local comprehensive plans and implementing land development regulations are far from standardized. Your ability to effectively navigate confusing regulatory processes at the state, regional, and local level profoundly affects the success of your project. BCF Management Group has the knowledge and experience to assist both private and public sector clients through virtually any type of planning or development project.

On a complex project such as a development of regional impact, our consultants can help the client envision the alternative land use scenarios, the planning tools available, and the pros and cons associated with each option. We can help assemble and coordinate a team of consultants to address the technical aspects of the project. Throughout the process, our consultants protect the client's interests and use an extensive network of professional contacts to ensure an efficient and successful process. Our office is also instrumental in ensuring strong coordination with state agencies.

Our presence in Southwest Florida also makes us ideal for facilitation of local processes. Processes and requirements vary from one local government to the next, but there are also commonalities based on normal planning practice and state requirements. We have worked in most of  Southwest Florida's major cities and counties – we know the players and we understand the processes. Whether it's a major comprehensive plan amendment, a rezoning, an impact fee negotiation, or a sensitive conditional use approval, we can provide the necessary expertise and representation before city and county staff and boards.

The qualities that make us strong advocates for private clients also allow us to provide efficient and effective services to public agencies, such as cities, counties, school boards, and other special authorities. Many of our consultants have worked extensively with and in local governments. With our experience in both public and private sectors, we are the right choice to help craft plans and land development regulations that can be successfully implemented to achieve your community vision.

Scope of Experience

BCF offers clients Land Use, Entitlement and Construction Management expertise in Florida. Our in-house planning and construction management professionals are familiar with governmental processes at all levels. Working with Real Estate, Corporate, Finance, Construction, Policy, and Environmental consultants, we are equipped to manage any issue in this area, no matter how complex.

We have extensive experience not only in the comprehensive planning and development of regional impact processes, but also in strictly local processes such as site plan and subdivision review. We are able to provide expert assistance on a multitude of other matters, such as impact fees, proportionate share mitigation, creating community redevelopment areas, and special assessment districts and community development districts.

Professional Relationships

Our firm has long-standing relationships with state, regional, and local government officials and policy makers throughout Florida, which means more effective representation for our clients, and more timely and successful entitlement processes. Our network of professional contacts allows us to quickly assemble consultant teams and tap into any type of expertise needed to make the project a success.

Our Role on Your Team

Our team advises and represents real estate developers, businesses, non-profit organizations, and governmental agencies. Our team and consultants can provide clients with technical, expert witness, and lobbying services as well as project management on a broad array of land use-related matters including:

•Land Use Entitlements

•Comprehensive Plan Amendments


•Developments of Regional Impact


•Site Plans

•Conditional Use Permits (CUPs)

•Special Exception Uses (SEUs)


•Land Development Issues




•Historic Preservation


•Concurrency Management

•Building Codes


•Green and Sustainable Development

•Developing Financing Tools

•Community Development Districts (CDDs)

•Tax Increment Financing Districts (TIFs)

•Special Assessment Districts (SADs)

•Due Diligence

•Federal, State, and County Incentive Programs

•Development of Public, Quasi-Public, and Publicly Sponsored Commercial and Residential Projects

•Evaluation and Appraisal Reports and EAR-Related Plan Amendments

•Drafting and Processing of Comprehensive Plans and Revisions

•Drafting and Processing of Land Development Regulations and Revisions

•Construction Operations and Management

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As a provider of integrated land development consulting services, BCF brings two decades of expertise and experience to challenging projects around the United States.